Water Walkerz / water balls

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Water Walkerz / water balls
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Delivery weight: 15 kg

Size: 2M Diameter

Mateiral: TPU & PVC

Additional: German T-zipper, Material Handles, Anchor points, T-Zip Oil, Care Package

Warranty is included with all TPU products as they are designed for commercial/business use.


TPU water balls are for heavy duty use and are designed for high impact, high volume use. Our 1mm PVC water walkers are also designed for commercial use but have limitations of use. PVC have a user weight limit of 60kg and can not be used in conditions below 12 degrees. PVC water balls also shrink and expand making them more high maintance than the TPU water walker. If you intend to use these in a business capacity then you will require a TPU water ball.

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