Traditional Zorbz - Downhill use

The Traditional Zorb is the original model design, having all other models designed around it. The Traditional Zorb is usually operated down hill and the user is secured inside via the fitted harness. Typically fitted with 2 entrances. Size's from 2.1m.


Budget Zorbz are for light private use only. Please consult our team for further information regarding the use of your zorb. These carry a user weight linit of 12 stone and are not designed for high impact or high volume use.


Standard Zorbs are for light/private/commerical use. Please contact us further if you are unsure what grade you require. These carry a user weight limit of 13 stone and are desinged for light impact and light volume use.


Commercial Zorb balls are for light/private/medium/commercial use. This is our most popular grade product as it's a good all rounder. these have a weight limit of 17 stone and are ideal for business or commercial use.


Deluxe grade Zorb ballz are the best grade available to the market. If your budget allows it this should be top of your list. Designed for high impact and high volume use, these can be used at any intensity. This grade has a weight restiction of 20 stone. These are the dogs gonads when it comes to zorbing.