Custom Zorbz

Custom Zorbz

We have the capacity to provide any bespoke requirements you may need for your Zorb Ball, whether it's a simple colourisation or a logo / print unique to your business or brand. We can provide zorbs from 2.1m right up to 4.5m. We also accommodate specific harness systems and specific needs. Email us for more info:

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Some customisations to our Zorb Ballz are offered throughout the product range, including colour and entrances.

Customising the size, features, handles,harnesses and the grade of your Zorb are all services we can provide.

We also offer a printing facility for logoing or lettering. Absolutely every part of the zorb can be be changed to your requirements including the harnesses installed and the handles applied. We can even make the glow in the dark or shine!

Simply email us your desired specifications for the Zorb and we will in return provide you our keenest quote.

£599.00 *
Delivery weight: 80 kg

The Bomb Zorb or the Hazard Zorb & The Nuke Zorb as it is also known by, became widely popular some seasons ago. With a colourful and unique design this ZOrb is basically an Aqua ZOrb but is limited to 1 size and 1 entrance. This particular ZOrb also doesn't come with a bung for the entrance like the Aqua ZOrbz.

if you require alternative sizes and colours please email us over your specs for our keenest quote.


£799.00 *
Delivery weight: 75 kg

can be shipped within 1 days

* Plus Delivery