Deluxe Grade Material: the best avilable on the market and is designed for high impact & high volume use, which is ideal for commercial business ventures. Not only does this TPU product have a thicker material property, but it's heat seam welded as well as resin bonded for a more secure bond. There's no superior grade than our deluxe model.

2.1M Aqua Zorb Deluxe

External size - 2.1m, Internal size - 1.8m. For upto 1 user.

2.5M Aqua Zorb Deluxe

External size - 2.5m, Internal size - 2.1m. For singular use and accommodates users upto 6"6'.

3M Aqua Zorb Deluxe

External size - 3M, Internal size - 2.6m. For tandem or dual use. Accommodates upto 2 users, upto 6"6'.