Aqua Zorbz - for use with water

Aqua Zorbz - for use with water

Aqua Zorbz are very simillar in design to the Hamster Zorb, the only differences being Aqua Zorbz are supplied with entrance bung(s) / plug(s). Once inside the Aqua Zorb the user is submerged in a limited amount of water (at the operators discrection) and is then passed through the intended course or activity. 

Aqua Zorb Balls can be used on water, and not filled with water, they then come with 2 entrances for air flow and safety matters.

If the Aqua Zorb Balls are to be used on land and filled partially with water, then the zorbs come with 1 entrance only.  




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Sizes from 2.1 - 3m. Available in Budget, Standard, Commercial and Deluxe Grades.

We can also provide these in bespoke sizes and colours, contact us for further details.

All our products are tested for a full 24 hour prior to dispatch.

£599.00 *
Delivery weight: 70 kg

can be shipped within 1 days

£699.00 *
Delivery weight: 75 kg
* Plus Delivery


This is our basic entry level zorb. Please consult a member of our team for further assistance in regards to the use and different grade products. Weight is limited to 12 stone.


This is our standard level product. It is ideal for light/private/commercial use. If you are unsure on what product you require please dont hesitate in contacting us for further info. Weight is limited to 13 stone


This is our most popular model, being that it's a good all round product. Ideal for light/medium/private/commercial use. As always if you need any guidance in regards to grades sizes and specs please contact us with your enquiries. Weight is limited to 17 stone.


The Best Of The Best, being the absolute highest quality product the industry has to offer! If your budget it allows it then this should be your choice! No weight limit! no restrictions!