Zorb ballz ltd are proud to offer a wide range of Zorb Balls for your choosing as well as a broad range of other inflatable products, the likes of Body Zorbs and Bubble Balls.

The Zorb Balls themselves come in 3 sizes  2.1, 2.5 & 3m, typically referred to as small, medium and large. There are also a wide range of colours available, along with the option of having the zorb shine or reflect. Contact us for further details.

We have TPU and PVC Zorb balls available, ranging from Budget, Standard, Commercial and Deluxe grades. For more info on material grades please see here

Begin by selecting what design Zorb Ball you require from the selection below. If you are not sure what design Zorb Ball you require for your intended purpose, please consult our care section of the website.






Zorb Ball Tracks

Zorb Ball Tracks

Zorb ballz ltd provide the zorbing community and the zorbing world for that matter, with everything they could possibly need when it comes to zorbing. Listed are a few of our Zorbing track designs.

Water Zorbs

Cylindrical inflatable balls for walking on water. Produced from PVC and TPU materials for heavy duty use.