Important customer information


It is every customers responsibility to read our terms and conditions in full and check that all contact entries are correct, along with any product details being ordered. All the inforamtion below is for general use and is for a guidance only. Please use these directives at your own discretion and apply to your own policies and proceedures.

All our Zorb Ballz, Water Walkers & Body Bumpers are transparent as standard (clear). If you require a bespoke / custom Zorb Ball please contact us with the required specifications.

All the associated imagery in relation to products are for illustration purposes only and may differ to actual product based on your selected order details, i.e colour/size/shape etc.

Our Returns Policy Is Simple! :- if you are not happy with your product please return it for a replacement / refund / credit. Subject to our full T&C's. PRODUCT MUST NOT BE MISUSED OR NEGLECTED.


The materials used in the manufacture of our products are of the highest standard offered to the industry and a breif description is outlined below:

Budget: 0.7mm Thick poly-vinyl-chloride - The industry standard. Ideal for entry level users for light private use. Can not be used in weather conditions below 14 degrees although it is at the owners discrection. Weight limit of upto 12 stone. This is just a guide please use these directives at your own discretion. As a general guide this grade should not be inflated to morethan 0.3 Bar 

Standard: 1mm Thick poly-vinyl-chloride composite - Our Standard, surpassing the industry standard.  Ideal for light/medium/private use. Can not be used in weather conditions below 12 degrees, but is at the owners discretion. Weight is limited to around 13 stone. This is just a guide, please use these directives at your own discretion. As a general guide this grade should not be inflated to more than 0.3 Bar

Commercial: Is equvalent to 1.2mm PVC but is 0.7mm thick thermo polyurethane (TPU) - Our best seller. - Ideal for medium - heavy  commercial use. Can not be used in weather conditions below 4 degrees, but is at the owners discretion. user weight is limited to around  14 stone. This has rubber like properties making it durable and robust. As a general guide this grade should not be inflated to more than 0.4 Bar

Deluxe: Is equvalent to 1.6mm PVC but is 1mm 100% genuine thermo polyurethane (TPU). The best material offered to the industry - Ideal for light/medium/heavy/commercial/private use. Can not be used in weather conditions below minus 10 degrees, but is at the owners discretion. This grade does not have a weight limit for a singular user. As a general guide this grade should not be inflated to more than 0.5 Bar.

TPU material is recommended for business or commercial use.


There are 3 'Main' types of Zorbz. The Tradtional Zorb, The Hamster Zorb and the Aqua Zorb. All are very similar in construction but diffrentiate in function. There are also 3 standard sizes which are 2.1m / 2.5m and 3m in diameter. 

Traditional Zorb Ball - Its primary use is for on land and down hill use. Typically fitted with 1-2 harnesses and 1- 2 entrances. Sizes from 2.1m. 

Hamster Zorb Ball - Primarily used on flat land, fitted with 1- 2 entrances and no harnesses. Sizes from 2.1m. 

Aqua Zorb Ball - Primarily used on flat-slight incline land. This style Zorb, like the other designs are all very similar but, this design only having one entrance and no harness. Comes with a bung for the entrance to safe hold the user and any water inside the zorb. Can be used on land filled with water or operated on water. Sizes from 2.1m. 

If you have any enquiries or concerns what so ever please email us at and a member of our team will be glad to assist you further.

TPU or PVC! - What's best?

Budget & Standard grades should be considered PVC unless otherwise stated.

Commercial & Deluxe grades should be considered TPU unless otherwise stated.

Zorb ballz always get asked, whats the best material product to purchase, TPU or PVC? This is widely debated and in our opinion it is down to personal preference, intended  use along with your budget. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your Zorb ball or product. The intended use, the volume in which it is to be used, the level of experience the operator possesses, are just a few key factors. Most customers think that the price of the product is the most important factor, this however is one of the least factors in our opinion. The intended use is paramount! as different grade materials have limitations, and you should know them! Below we have afew points to consider when deciding on what grade to purchase. (these are not limited to, and are for guidance only)


PVC Advantages:

Generally Cheaper, Easier To Clean, Usually Smaller by 0.1 Of 1M, A Wider Range Of Colours And Customisations, 100% transparent.

Disadvantages: More Limitations, Harder To Stow Away, Weather Temperamental, Typcial PVC smell.


TPU Advantages:

Fewer Limitations, Not Weather Temperamental, More Durable And Robust, Easier To Use, Environmental friendly, No Smell.

Disadvantages: Fewer Design Options.

PVC Material example would be a rain cover on a babies pram.

TPU material example would be an elastic band stretched to 1mm. This is has a rubber like property and will literally bounce. TPU is very flexible making it more robust and durable, with standing intense shock or impact. TPU has a none textured surface ans is smooth to touch. If you scrunch a piece of TPU in your hand it would not crease or distort, it would simplet unfold to its original form.



Do I Need My Zorbballz PIPA Tested.


The Simple Answer Is NO!! But again is a matter of opinion and personal preference.

Pipa testing is not required by applicable law! and is at the owners discretion. With that said we do recommend that your ballz be checked by a competent person/company for your own piece of mind and to safe guard any risk in incident on a regular basis. All our products are SGS,CE compliant and EN71 approved. 



Zorb ballz offer a world wide delivery service from as little as £29.99. Price subject to product. The amount will be ammended at check out based upon the selections you have made.



Our customers are given the option to change/cancel any such orders prior to dispatch of the initial order. Subject to product. Please consult our full T&C's for further information.