How To Operate And Use A Zorb Ball

Here we will outline a few breif guidelines to ensure you operate your Zorb safely and ensuring it is user friendly. These guidelines can coinside with your own policies and proceedures.


Remember, inflatable products, whether it's a Zorb or Water Walker, should always be operated by a competent person.

The working area should always be kept clean and free from debris or obstruction.

The operator must request the removal of all loose items on the user such as watches, ear rings etc. (it is at the operators descretion to proceed with the activity).

Once the user has entered the likes of a Zorb, they must be secured via any harness system applicable (subject to product model)

The handles on any inflatable, especialy Zorb balls and water balls are for holding postion only and should not be used to manipulate the Zorb ball in anyway.



Always be careful and mindful of the fact that your are unpacking and openning an inflatable item so use the appropriate tool.

Never drag or pull the inflatable in to position as you will run the risk of friction burns/holes.

Never open a large inflatable on your own, always seek aide.

Fully unfold/roll the inflatable prior to inflation.



The Zorb is inflated via the none return valve situated on one of the panels of the Zorb ball. Inflation is pretty quick depending on size of the Zorb ball and the power of the blower used. Once the required pressure is reached for your model zorb, simply screw in the valve. Your now ready to Zorb!



Once the Zorb is fully inflated the user can gain access via one of the entrances installed. Simply climb on in. For Body Zorbs, simply place over your head and attach the harness for use.



Once the Zorb ball is inflated and the user is safely inside, the operator can release the Zorb for its intended use whether it be downhill or on flat land. If the Zorb ball is to be used for Traditional Zorbing (downhill) you simply push it down course/route. Aqua Zorbs can be filled with as much or as little water as required for the user, ensure the bung/plug is in place. The bung is for the safety of the user making sure they can not exit the Zorb unwillingly, furthermore it retains the water placed inside for maximum effect of the activity and experience 



Budget Zorbs should not be used in temps below 14 degrees, ideally. And Standard should not be used in temps below 11 degrees. Commercial and Deluxe grades should not be used in temps below 0 degrees, although this is debated and is at the operators discretion. This is simply our guidance. Weight limits are as follows; Budget Zorbs have a weight limit of 11 stone and Standard have a limit of 12 stone.  Commercial & Deluxe Zorbs are genuine TPU so they have a weight limit of 18 stone for Commercial and Deluxe grade have a weight limit of 20 stone. (all subject to fitted harnesses and zorb model) For further asistance with regards to weight limits please email us.



Zorb balls, and any other inflatable really, must be fully deflated and dry before stowing. If the inflatable allows it,  roll up as tightly as possible. It is advisable to stow the product in the carrier provided and also off ground level to ensure the safe guard of the product. Never store outside or in wet/damp conditions.


If you have any concerns or queries relating to the use and operation of our Zorbs please do not hesitate to contact us  s we will be more than happy to help. 



Body Bumpers:

Inflating the Body Bumpers / Body Zorbs is very simple indeed. Unpack, unroll, unscrew the valve cap, connect the blower to the valve, turn on blower. Once fully inflated remove the blower from the valve, replace the valve cap, place the Body Bumper / Body Zorb over the head of the user, adjust the harness as required and away you go. Please note: connecting the blower to the valve will differ from blower to blower. Our blowers come with the correct push fit attachment for our Body Bumpers / Body Zorbs. The Valve its self is a spinal spring loaded nippe valve. Once the cap has been unscrewd you can clearly locate the spring loaded nipple in the centre. You can push in the nipple and turn clock or anti clock wise for the valve to stay open. To close the valve simply turn the nipple the opposite way to openning. There is no need to open or close the valve while inflating with our blowers as the attachment does this for you. Once inflated or deflated always install the anti leak cap.