What Zorb Do I Need?

What Zorb Do I Need?

Ok, so you have decided you would like to purchase a Zorb ball. But before you go a head an place an order, whether it be with ourselves or via an alternaive source, there are a few things you will need to consider!

One being quality and reputation. Zorbballz.co.uk offer a wide range of Zorbz for your consideration, ranging from budget right through to the best of the best the industry has to offer. All our Zorbs are constructed and produced to the highiest of standards controlled by the industry leaders. All our commercial and deluxe products are heat seam sealed and resin based adhered ensuring the strongest bond possible. Zorbballz ltd pride ourselves on surpassing the industry standards in all departments and this is evident throughout our products. There are companies out there that supply Zorb balls of inferior quality at a much higher base rate giving the Zorbz a bad reputation. We are not one of those companies and we are keen to restore the reputation of Zorbing and indeed the inflatables market. Therefore we will cover all related Zorbing issues throughout our web site. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us and we will be glad to assist. All our commercial and deluxe grade Zorb balls, Bumper Balls, Water Balls, Water Walkers, Body Zorbs are produced from 100% genuine TPU material. This is guaranteed and backed by our warranty promise.


The materials used in the production of our zorb ballswater balls and body zorbs are of the highest standard offered to the industry and a breif description is outlined below:

Budget: 0.7mm Thick poly vinylchloride (PVC) - The industry standard. Ideal for entry level users for light private use. Should not be inflated to morethan 0.3 BAR and generally has a weight limit of 11 stone, subject to product. These can not be used on concrete or solid hardstand.

Standard: 1mm Thick poly vinylchloride composite (PVC) - Our Standard. Ideal for light/medium/private/commercial use. This grade should not be inflated to morethan 0.4 BAR and generally has a user weight limit of 13 stone, subject to product. This grade should not be used on surfaces other than grass without adeqaute prodection to avoid punctures or friction burns.

Commercial: (1.2mm equivalent) 0.7mm Thick thermo polyurethane (TPU) - Our best seller. - Ideal for light/medium commercial use. This grade should not be inflated to morethan 0.5 BAR and generally has a user weight limit of 16 stone, subject to product. This would be our recommedation as it's a more durable product that can be used on grass, sand or concrete surfaces. We would still advise on adopting safety measures such as foam flooring when using on hard surfaces to avoid and minimise risk in injury or damage.

Deluxe: (1.6mm equivalent) 1.0mm Thick 100% thermo polyurethane (TPU). The best material offered to the industry - Ideal for light/medium/heavy/commercial/private use. This material should not be inflated to morethan 0.6 BAR and generally has a user weight of 19 stone, subject to product. This is the most durable and robust material available which does not shrink or expand. It also has a much higher abrasion rating than the other materials combined. This grade can be used on sand, grass or concrete surfaces. Please be advised that we recommend additional protection for the product and user when using on concrete to avoid any injuries or damage, our 35mm foam flooring is a perfect fit for this.


OK, so what's Private and Commercial use?


Private use is basically self explantory, this is a buyer who normally purchases on the basis of self use, something along the lines of family use every now and then.


Commercial use is medium-high volume usage i.e hire, events, shows etc. Used something along the lines of 3 hours aday 4 days aweek.


Deluxe models are considered the best of the best and can be used continuously and daily. Something along the lines of 6 hours aday 7days aweek.

All our Commercial and Deluxe grade products are covered by our warranty promise. Which covers everything apart from neglect, misuse, accidental damage and vandalism.


OK, So what's the best zorb for me?


There are 3 'Main' types of Zorb balls. The Tradtional Zorb, The Hamster Zorb and the Aqua Zorb. All are very similar in construction but differ in function. There's 3 standard sizes for zorb balls, which are 2.1m / 2.5m and 3m (diameter). 

Traditional Zorb Balls: primary use is for land and down hill use, normally fitted with 1-2 harnesses and 1- 2 entrances. Sizes from 2.1m. Can not be used on water. 

Hamster Zorb Balls: primary use is for on flat, or slight incline land. These are fitted with 1- 2 entrances and no internal harnesses. Sizes from 2.1m. 

Aqua Zorb Balls: primarily used on flat-slight incline land. This style Zorb, like the other designs are all very similar but this model, only having one entrance and no harness, comes with a bung for the entrance., offering a unique expeience in whereby you partically fill the Zorb with water. Operators often use this model zorb on water!. Sizes from 2.1m. 

SO...In a nutshell if you intend to operate 'downhill' you need a Tradional Zorb ball. If you wish to operate on 'flat land' you need a Hamster Zorb Ball. And finally if you wish to use water in your operation then you need an Aqua Zorb Ball. If your intended purpose is for business use you would require a commercial grade product at minimum. Standard would suffice but you have more limitations of use that are alot harder to control. 

Commercial & Deluxe  grades are the best option for business or commercial use as they are designed to withstand high impact volume use and are produced from TPU so they don't shrink and expand or split and crack.


As well as Zorb Balls there are also Body Zorbs.

Body Zorbs are an inflatable bubble like balls that you place over your head and rest on your shoulders. Once inside the Body Zorb you can adjust the harness system for a nice snug fit. There are 2 grab handles inside for you to hold whilst you undego the body zorbing session. You can run, bounce, roll, knock etc etc with confidence, knowing you are safe in a cusion of air between the outer and inner skin of the body zorb. The body zorbs/body bumpers/bubble balls come in 3 sizes and 3 grades. The sizes are small, medium and large. And the grades are standard, commercial & deluxe.


Then there's the Water Zorbs / Water Balls / Water Walkers

The water walkers are a single skin zorb that you climb inside and allow you to walk on water. The Water balls come in PVC and TPU materials. TPU are for business or commercial use. They are all 2m in diameter and are all fitted with german T-zip zippers.


What Size Zorb Do I Need?

2.1m Zorb balls are for the single user. They have an internal diameter of approx 1.8m. These can accommodate users upto 5'9".

2.5m Zorb balls are for a sinlge user also but can accommodate users upto 6'1". These have an internal working area of approx 2m.

3M Zorb balls are generally used for tandem or dual use for upto 2 users. Accommodates users upto 6"6. These have an internal area of approx 2.5m.

Small Body Zorbs are for upto 14 years of age or a user upto 5'6".

Medium Body Zorbs are for teens and adults upto 5'12".

Large Body Zorbs are for adults over 6' and with a chest span of 50+ inch.

Please treat this information as a guide only and for information purposes only. 

If you have any enquiries or concerns what so ever please email us at info@zorbballz.co.uk and a member of our team will be glad to assist you further.


Are The Zorbs Fire Retardant?

PVC and TPU are inherently fire resistant, to what degree would depend entirely on the situation and severity of the source. We can send you some material for your testing if required .

PVC contains chlorine, which is heat and flame retardant in it’s rawest form, delaying ignition and having a lower release rate and flame speed. Over a 5 min period  the spread would not exceed 165mm from the point of ignition. TPU would be considered a class 0 material as it’s a low heat release material and has a low spread rate. Please feel free to test the material yourself as ultimately the paramount factors are going to be the severity of the heat source, oxidisation and surrounding materials.