So you want to buy a Zorb ball !

But your not sure which design you need or which design will suit your needs best. Don't worry we're here to help.

There are so many variations of the Zorb, there's the actual zorb ball, body zorbs and water zorbs to mention but afew.

What Zorb Do I Need?

What Zorb Do I Need?

Hopefully you will know what model Zorb you require prior to placing your order with us, but in the unlikely event you have no idea what you want or what your are looking for we will cover the basics here.

How To Operate And Use A Zorb Ball

How To Operate And Use A Zorb Ball


How to use and operate your Zorb Ball / inflatable safely.

General Info

Regardless of products purchased there are 3 main principals in caring for your inflatable products. Maintenance, Operation and Storage of your inflatable. It is good practice to keep on top of the aforementioned points as at the end of the day you have invested  in the products and they are only going to last as long as well as you treat them. 



The maintenance of your product is going to vary from product to product but the main and the most basic of maintenance would be hygiene and cleanliness. Always wash your inflatable down after use or at least once a week if not in operation. You can use detergent's if you wish but please test an area prior to cleaning for any reactions. Good old warm soapy water will suffice and is normally the best option here. Please note: allow to fully dry before stowing.



Again this will vary depending on the product in question but basically:

Always have a competent or experienced  person operating the inflatable product.

Never drag an inflatable product along the floor.

Don't use the handles for any other purpose other than safe holding.

Alway remove risk items from users and operators, such as earings and watches etc.

Make sure your working area is free from any debris or obstruction.


Storing or Stowing:

You should always store your inflatables in a cool and dry enviroment, and at room temp wherever possible. Store off ground level and never store in wet or cold conditions i.e outside. Make every effort to cover your inflatables whilst stowed. Never store your inflatables for prolonged periods of time and certainly no longer than 3-4 weeks, you should put your inflatables in to practice every 7 days, i.e inflated. Never stack inflatables on top of one another to minimise risk in puctures.