Static and portable blowers.


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Petrol Blower

2 stroke. Easy to use. Ideal for on location activities. No electirc power source required but does require petrol.

£149.00 *
Delivery weight: 10 kg

240v Electric Portable Blower

inflates and deflates. Easy to use.

£69.99 *
Delivery weight: 4 kg

can be shipped within 1 days

These are heavy duty blowers for large inflatables. Quickly inflate large inflatables. Easy and effortless inflation. Direct fitting to most installed valves so you no longer have to stand and hold the blower in place while it inflates. Surpasses and out performs all other blowers.

£129.99 *
Delivery weight: 7 kg

can be shipped within 1 days

* Plus Delivery