About us

About us

About us


Zorbballz.co.uk are an online supplier of all things zorbing!

We stock all the main types of Zorbs, aswell as zorbing accessories.

As we are an online supplier we can offer our product range at a reduced cost catering to all levels of budgets. All our Zorb balls can be customised, as can 100% of all our products. Please email us for further details.

Here at Zorbballz we have the capacity to accommodate the most unique inflatable products you desire. We have a team of expert designers who can blow life into your creation.

Our designers can produce the usual products such as Zorbz, Pools, Barriers, Arch Ways, Arenas, Tubes, Marquess, pretty much anything inflatable for that matter! But we have a unique young designer who strives  to be challanged and relishes in bespoke one off designs. Our little star has completed such designs for major advertising companies and event organisers and has been comissioned to develope the next new craze working with leisure companies and producer moguls in search of the next big thing! WATCH THIS SPACE!

If you have any enquiries with regards to a piece you would like us to quote on please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Email: info@zorbballz.co.uk